The Organizer offers accommodation in the Family Hotel Aristos****.

The Aristos Hotel is four star business hotel in Zagreb. Thanks to its location and the high
quality of service, it developed into a recognizable business hotel. The Aristos Hotel is putting
all efforts into providing first class accommodation and services. In line with this, the guests
have at their disposal:

  • Main reception (00 – 24)
  • Hotel Lobby bar
  • Momento bar
  • A’la carte restaurant (AT REQUEST)
  • Hotel terrace
  • Wellness & Spa center
  • Fitness center
  • Exchange office (00 – 24)
  • Gift shop
  • Hair-dresser

Additional benefits for the hotel guests:

  • free WiFi
  • free usage of the fitness center

The price for accommodation in Hotel Aristos**** for full board is:

  • Single room 79 Euros per day/per person
  • Double room 65 Euros per day/per person

The total cost of accommodation from 13.08.2022 to 21.08.2022 and full board is:

  • 632 EUR in single room
  • 520 EUR per person in double room

The Organizer can only guarantee accommodation in the official hotel when reservation and payment has been made on time. Regarding this we are asking all players to make all necessary reservations and payments on time.

After the registration deadline, organizers are not obliged to provide accommodation and board.

Players and accompanying persons who choose another hotel than the official one will take the risks of their transportation to the playing venue, security, and lacking official tournament information.

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